The Perpetual Sleeper

I have been thinking of writing a blog for quite some time now (actually it’s a modest way of saying that I am too lazy to do anything productive, at-least that’s what my mom says when she is fed up of my sleeping marathons). But the truth is every time an idea came up in my mind & I thought about writing anything at all, a sudden urge to sleep overcame me & helpless as I always am against an attack of drowsiness, I fell asleep. This happened so many times that at last I finally gave up the idea of writing anything altogether.

But the appetite of the sleep monster was not to be sated so easily. The next victim of my endless sleep was my college attendance (not that I am even remotely concerned about that). But alas, my professors didn’t understand my predicament at all, & responded the only way they could, decreasing my internal marks. My friends didn’t bother to wake me up anymore, because I, they said, was an Eternal Sleeper. My parents had already had enough of it in the short time when I had been at home during the vacations. So, as the whole wide world was conspiring against my sleep & trying to come in the way of me & my sleep, we stood our ground, resolute & firm.

Also I was encouraged by some PRO sleepers (now I won’t divulge names here) who encouraged & indeed inspired me to sleep to my fullest potential. So my sincerest THANKS to those great people. But was after a series of unfortunate incidents (which was all due to my faults actually), that I learnt to love sleep so much that it became my only pastime. To sleep is to forget, became my motto. I thought of alcohol, drugs & the whole lot of materials which make you experience HEAVEN, but none of them seemed so appetizing to me as sleep, where I had the choice of creating my own heaven, my own utopia in my dreams, so I decided to go with it.

As a matter of fact sleep provides the ultimate escape from reality in a way that no other drug or addiction can. It is the perfect addiction if you want to forget everything in the world that’s bothering you & escape into the world of unrealizable dreams & distorted realities (that’s why maybe Inception is my favourite film). But the one thing a person gets while he/she (now I won’t be politically incorrect here) is asleep & dreaming is Absolute Freedom, of the kind that can’t be achieved in the real world. To become truly free, one has to leave all the worries, thoughts, anger, ambitions, guilt, sorrow, & all other feelings behind. There’re only 2 ways to do that – Death or Sleep. And since I’m not so inclined to die anytime soon, so I slept, slept & then slept some more.

Enough of the metaphysical stuff anyway, coming back to reality now. Just when the sleep disorder was screwing me in every way imaginable, came a ray of hope. My saviour had found me at last. I got a new laptop………. & just like that, all my troubles with the sleep monster started to go away without so much as a customary goodbye. Sleep altogether deserted me. With the combined powers of my laptop & the Ultra High Speed Internet provided to us by the Govt. of India (& I’m extremely thankful for that, believe me), the monsters which are far more powerful than sleep, were unleashed in my life, e.g., Video Games & FACEBOOK.

And just like that, from being an Excessive Sleeper, all of a sudden I found myself in the risk of becoming an Insomniac. And as all habits start initially, I didn’t even care about anything else anymore. For me, the time for sleeping was gone. And the transition happened so rapidly & quickly that I hardly had time to realize that my beloved sleep had deserted me and now I was truly alone. But just when I thought all hope had been lost, FACEBOOK came to the rescue, & thanks to it, now I am an Accomplished Insomniac, waking for the past 40 hours straight as I sit writing this blog & I ask myself, now that sleep & laziness are not blocking my path of moving forward, will I do something worthwhile with my life? Or will the new addictions in life prove to be too big a temptation to resist…

On this profound note, it is fair to say that its too early to tell & too late to plan anything. But what fun is something that is planned beforehand, eh? So I’m just going to go with the flow & see where that takes me. I’ll take the road not taken & maybe I’ll not reach where I want to, but in the end, I’ll certainly be where I need to.

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