Funny Things

  1. We have equal opportunity employers but not parents.
  2. It is more important to click a pic than to close the eyes & embrace the feeling.
  3. A spoken word is now worth much more than a thousand pictures (read: selfies).
  4. Now would be a good time for Atlas to shrug.


Should I go just for the sake of going?

Or do I go away for good, for staying


No matter where I go or where I’ve been,

A whole world remains to be seen,

A wanderlust too deep to redeem,

I want to be, where no one has been.


Living my life without a reprieve

I shan’t know till I don’t leave

But then, how could I believe

That out there is a world unseen.


Living with a job, my friends, my family

When I am tired, and weary

When the world seems bleak, and dreary

Here lies the escape I turn to verily.


If ever there lies before me an adventure

That invites me with a welcome gesture

Do I go away for good, for staying?

Or should I stay back & be better off not knowing?


Chasing money, status, connections, acquaintances, etc. take so much of our time. So many of these things are transient you say. They’re shallow you say. Well, so you speak & you speak truly. Pray tell me what then, should I chase?

Why not chase true friendship, you say?  This must surely be a noble pursuit. I agree wholeheartedly. What you propose is neither transient nor shallow. A friendship could justifiably called the starting point of all non-familial human relationships & a basis for much deeper bonds.

But hear my counter-proposition. I say I want to chase conversations, just that. Its not as deep as a friendship, though I’d say anyone with whom I’ve shared one good conversation is a friend of mine. Those moments have brought us closer & provided a much stronger ground for a friendship than anything else might have provided. Yes, it is transient, sometimes just a few minutes, sometimes an hour. But it holds the promise of more such times to come, which is the real gift. It might even be shallow, just a few jokes shared in passing, yet it would be undiminished.

Even the most ardent of friendships start with but one conversation, never diminished, never forgotten.

Roads & Stairs

Why is there a Highway to Hell but just a Stairway to Heaven? Popular culture has portrayed hell as really easy to reach & fast too. Its funny that even thinking about the stairway to heaven brings a picture of a really difficult climb, like the stairs of Cirith Ungol (LOTR fellas).

This really cool for those aspiring to go to hell though, all the more membership for hell. Why should heaven have all the fun?

Of travels & travails

Its time for a new phase, a job, an intern, in short, responsibilities. Turns out I’m about to have more hotel stays in the coming two months than I had in my life till now. Its fun in a way, getting to see new places, feeling like a homeless wanderer. Wonder how Che must have felt (although I’m in infinitely more comfort). Its interesting that the English “travel” & the French “travail” are so similar. The consulting firms seem to have hit the nail on the head here, with work & travel being flip sides of the same coin. Anyways, back to the hotels.


So in one of them, I come across this corridor. I don’t know about you but I found this carpet disturbing. Reminds me of all the great hotel themed movies I’ve seen, The Shining, 1408 & what not. I wonder about all the stories that have been lived & will be lived in these corridors. So many people, so many situations. Is it a wonder then, that such places should feel like they carry a lot more than can be seen? Years of memories & thousands of people might have imbued these walls with something…more…

Anyways, my room is at the end of the corridor. The above thoughts haven’t helped a bit.

[Focus on crossing it now]

The Andromeda Complex

Its has been too long that I’ve written from the heart. Maybe on & off in my diary, but never regularly. Being bound by the need to sound meaningful, deep, informative, etc. has killed the imagination. I want to put random fleeting thoughts of the mind to paper, not write long-winding analyses on academic topics. I do that enough in my college projects.

Reading a friend’s blog, has made me realize what I started with, but lost along the way. I thank you for you’ve made me remember why I wanted to write in the first place. I’ll try to be more regular now, starting with short posts.

Looking up at the stars in a clear night sky, it seems as though I’m looking at an inhabited city from a great height. The stars are just houses, cars, factories & people going about their lives. It happens to me generally on the mountains (the sky is quite clear there, unlike in Jamshedpur) . Whenever it happens, I’m filled with a sense of great distance from everything else as I imagine everything is so far away. Oh random feeling, I dub thee “The Andromeda Complex”.