The Andromeda Complex

Its has been too long that I’ve written from the heart. Maybe on & off in my diary, but never regularly. Being bound by the need to sound meaningful, deep, informative, etc. has killed the imagination. I want to put random fleeting thoughts of the mind to paper, not write long-winding analyses on academic topics. I do that enough in my college projects.

Reading a friend’s blog, has made me realize what I started with, but lost along the way. I thank you for you’ve made me remember why I wanted to write in the first place. I’ll try to be more regular now, starting with short posts.

Looking up at the stars in a clear night sky, it seems as though I’m looking at an inhabited city from a great height. The stars are just houses, cars, factories & people going about their lives. It happens to me generally on the mountains (the sky is quite clear there, unlike in Jamshedpur) . Whenever it happens, I’m filled with a sense of great distance from everything else as I imagine everything is so far away. Oh random feeling, I dub thee “The Andromeda Complex”.


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