Chasing money, status, connections, acquaintances, etc. take so much of our time. So many of these things are transient you say. They’re shallow you say. Well, so you speak & you speak truly. Pray tell me what then, should I chase?

Why not chase true friendship, you say?  This must surely be a noble pursuit. I agree wholeheartedly. What you propose is neither transient nor shallow. A friendship could justifiably called the starting point of all non-familial human relationships & a basis for much deeper bonds.

But hear my counter-proposition. I say I want to chase conversations, just that. Its not as deep as a friendship, though I’d say anyone with whom I’ve shared one good conversation is a friend of mine. Those moments have brought us closer & provided a much stronger ground for a friendship than anything else might have provided. Yes, it is transient, sometimes just a few minutes, sometimes an hour. But it holds the promise of more such times to come, which is the real gift. It might even be shallow, just a few jokes shared in passing, yet it would be undiminished.

Even the most ardent of friendships start with but one conversation, never diminished, never forgotten.


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