Should I go just for the sake of going?

Or do I go away for good, for staying


No matter where I go or where I’ve been,

A whole world remains to be seen,

A wanderlust too deep to redeem,

I want to be, where no one has been.


Living my life without a reprieve

I shan’t know till I don’t leave

But then, how could I believe

That out there is a world unseen.


Living with a job, my friends, my family

When I am tired, and weary

When the world seems bleak, and dreary

Here lies the escape I turn to verily.


If ever there lies before me an adventure

That invites me with a welcome gesture

Do I go away for good, for staying?

Or should I stay back & be better off not knowing?

Of travels & travails

Its time for a new phase, a job, an intern, in short, responsibilities. Turns out I’m about to have more hotel stays in the coming two months than I had in my life till now. Its fun in a way, getting to see new places, feeling like a homeless wanderer. Wonder how Che must have felt (although I’m in infinitely more comfort). Its interesting that the English “travel” & the French “travail” are so similar. The consulting firms seem to have hit the nail on the head here, with work & travel being flip sides of the same coin. Anyways, back to the hotels.


So in one of them, I come across this corridor. I don’t know about you but I found this carpet disturbing. Reminds me of all the great hotel themed movies I’ve seen, The Shining, 1408 & what not. I wonder about all the stories that have been lived & will be lived in these corridors. So many people, so many situations. Is it a wonder then, that such places should feel like they carry a lot more than can be seen? Years of memories & thousands of people might have imbued these walls with something…more…

Anyways, my room is at the end of the corridor. The above thoughts haven’t helped a bit.

[Focus on crossing it now]